Architecture is about experience

We focus on listening and lateral thinking to produce solutions that are right for the client.

Deverill-Jenkins Architecture is a U.K. based studio practice focused on modern design, interiors and landscapes. From our inception in 2010, we have delivered exceptional public and private environments that are stimulating to occupy and fundamental to their surroundings.

Architecture is about experience

We focus on listening and lateral thinking to produce solutions that are right for the client.

As a full-service firm, Deverill-Jenkins is present on projects from start to finish, ensuring that the ideas conceived in the beginning with clients are manifest at the end. We achieve this through close collaboration with all members of the project team, including consultants and contractors.

Architectural Design

Each project solution is an individual response to the needs of the clients, the buildings’ uses, its location and environment. In developing a design it is reviewed against sustainability, buildability and cost. To be successful through planning the design is reviewed for how much it complies with National, Regional and Local Planning guidelines and if does vary, what evidence can support an application to succeed.

Interior Design

A brief is developed with the client to develop the overall aims of the interior design, from the aesthetic and expressive to the practical or everyday management. Through an interactive process between designer and client, the clients’ initial ideas can be developed through the introduction of techniques, ideas and products that they might not be aware of.

Building Construction

The onsite activity of construction is considered throughout the design development process of both the Architectural and Interior design solutions. Our practice has extensive knowledge of construction techniques and the consequences of technologies in terms of performance, longevity, sustainability, Health and safety and cost, all rules and/or criteria are constantly changing and will be checked before the finalisation of a design.

Design Approach

We listen, suggest and show what is possible, from contemporary, modernist through historic periods styles to listed buildings design options. We appreciate the importance of designing solutions that respond to each individual situation and client.

We have a long and wide range of experience from working with private clients on domestic projects through working with Commercial clients on larger developments to working with Public organisations.  Good governance and a clear process are key as well as sustainability and are applied as a matter of course.

Innovative Solutions

Combining a wide range of experience and knowledge with lateral thinking processes and imaginative problem solving techniques. The process is key, to develop a brief without prejudging the outcome will bring out solutions beyond initial or preconceived ideas that can be more suitable and appropriate in the long term.

Project Management

A successful design has to be backed up by successful construction. This is about control of the correct and appropriate detailing and then site inspections so that the built elements perform as they should. Financial control through controlling the tender process, product choices and minimalizing variations is key. Warranties, guarantees and building control sign approval are critical to ensure that the client can call on suppliers and contractors to maintain and or repair elements should they need to. We seek to recycle materials where possible, especially if recycling provides an opportunity to add character and content to the design.