Project Description

“The Fens” Visitor Centre, Cambridgeshire, designed for an anticipated 50,000 visitors per annum; from the general public to education trips and a centre for academic research.

The buildings with an interesting profile against the horizon, create a reference point within the flat landscape. The buildings are constructed from materials that would be available in the area, reeds, clay and timber and look like they have grown out of the site itself. Created to promote learning and curiosity about the Cambridgeshire Fens where the main focus is for conservation of the Wildlife and landscape.


The ability to experience the landscape was primary, inside the main visitors centre; display panels combined with interactive learning and expansive vistas of the surround Fens afford visitors the opportunity to learn about the fens before going out to experience the flora and fauna.



The landscape’s materials were also used internally furthering the visitors sense of the external landscape whilst still being within the building.

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