Project Description

A home to be built in the countryside in an AONB, where the environment and views are sensitive issues, to be mostly invisible from outside of the plot, not disrupting the rural character. Covered with a green meadow roof and partially sunk into the ground, tall airy rooms open onto gardens, tennis courts and a gardens sloping up to an open vista of woodland beyond.


Internally zoned from the more public and family reception to private areas, with access to onsite recreation and sports facilities, including an indoor swimming pool. The home is designed for multiple activities allowing the users to enjoy either quiet private areas or gregarious gatherings.


The design was developed in conjunction with sustainability, energy, landscape and biodiversity specialist consultants.

The proposal is Carbon neutral and is ‘Off line’ with its own water supply, waste recycling and energy supply, for a home that is fully integrated with countryside living and be highly finished and technologically advanced.

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